Smart Classes

Baby Convent School is associated with Mexus Education to provide Iken School EcoSystem.

Every student is unique and so is the way they learn. But in our conventional education system, a teacher attends to a class of minimum twenty five students during a lecture time of forty minutes. Irrespective of the disparity in the aptitude and learning styles of children, the lessons are tutored for all in the same way. Subsequently, the understanding and take-aways of all students is not the same, regardless of the quality of teaching.

To ensure that all students get environment that relates with their learning styles, a teacher should be able to plan and deliver lessons suiting the caliber of the students. In addition, parents need to be updated of wards’ performance regularly which in turn impacts the child’s development. The school administrator should be able keep track of teachers and students performance and effectively keep parents within the learning loop.

Considering these critical requirements and the shortcomings in the existing education system, Mexus Education has developed a holistic education solution – Iken School EcoSystem. In this system, Mexus will provide tools and complete support to not just simplify learning but also to render it more productive and fulfilling.